Denbigh Lloyd

Marketing & Communications

An innovative marketing and communication consultancy offering strategic focus and idea generation through to project management in an international environment. The ability to successfully communicate with customers and potential customers is essential to the success of any organisation, whatever products and services it offers. The summation of these activities is the way in which the […]

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Business Development & Training

Sales, marketing and communications services together with training within the European food, drink and agri-products industry. Business development and training are inextricably linked together. The ability to fully recognise all the complex reasons behind current success and translate this into growing future opportunities, depends on deep the understanding of the teams within your business. In

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Strategy & Branding

Product viability in international markets, exploit synergistic opportunities, product positioning, market research and risk assessment. Achieving success in international markets requires a dedicated approach across the marketing spectrum. Developing an effective strategy for your products, growing and building brand identity is one of the real keys to this. We work with you to review existing

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Developments shaping the future of food ingredients

Transcript of the article in Food & Drink Technology September 2018. IN MY VIEW… Exploiting new opportunities in a rapidly changing market is key to business success, says Denbigh Lloyd The food ingredient industry of the 21st century continues to face different pressures ranging from ever-increasing sophisticated consumer demands, health and ethical concerns and a

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Changing consumer demands in non-food products

Changing consumer demands in non-food products – What are the implications for the agro-industrial businesses and their product development? Changing consumer demands always significantly impact product design and manufacturing methods, and this is increasingly true in the case of non-food products. This article looks at some of the challenges and opportunities for the supply of

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