Business Development

International Business Development Services

We offer through our network a unique combination of proven sales, marketing, technical, corporate communication and brand management expertise with customers and distributors worldwide.

Skills to support and manage:

  • Product assessment
  • Product introduction
  • Product review
  • Product modification
  • Product launch
  • Sales expertise
  • Beyond the product: Training

Introduce your products and company to new markets:

  • Get a better understanding for a new field of industry
  • Gain better insight for new opportunities
  • Practical ways to overcoming barriers to new market penetration
  • Facilitating, sourcing and establishing distribution arrangements.
  • Understanding how to meet requirements for new export markets
  • Verification of product development opportunities

Experienced Training teams to help in:

  • Developing employee technical competencies and capabilities.
  • Marketing and brand management
  • Technical and applications
  • Sales and technical sales development
  • Maximising business opportunities

Wide Spectrum of Sectors with special expertise include:

  • Food manufacturing and ingredients
  • Starch and starch derivatives
  • Products for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper and corrugating industries
  • Textile industry and glue manufacture
  • Renewable raw materials and agro-technology
  • Alternatives to petrochemical based materials
  • Corporate reputation and brand management
  • Event management

All our network have extensive international business expertise, linguistic abilities and authorship of technical and scientific articles as well as membership of relevant technical and trade associations.