About Me

I am a highly experienced business marketing specialist with over 30 years ‘hands on’ experience of planning and managing many different varieties of business development and marketing projects as well as internal change management and training programmes.

About Me

In addition to my specialist marketing skills and knowledge I also have wider business management experience in channels including customer magazines, press advertising, building partnerships as well as leading product development and market research programmes.

I have a proven record of managing successful relationships with clients, suppliers, partners, agencies & other stakeholders and have worked across many B2B industry sectors including food, pharma, paper, sweeteners and oils. Active involvement with relevant industry trade associations ensures awareness of current issues – I am a member of the management committee of the Food Additives and Ingredients Association of the UK.

Based in Sussex, I am ideally placed to work with clients in London and the South East, and with active contacts in Brussels and Germany I also work with clients across Europe.

To discuss any aspect of your marketing please get in touch or check out my LinkedIn profile.


Years of Experience


Awards & Honors

I have more than 30 years in marketing roles for the food industry, and have helped more than 40 companies to grow their business.


What Do I Do?

I offer an innovative marketing and business development consultancy approach from strategic focus and idea generation through to project management.

I can work to help you assess product viability in international markets, to exploit synergistic product opportunities, review and recommend product positioning, assist market research and risk assessment including health, diet, nutrition and product claim information.

Effective change management and internal communication are absolutely critical to business success and with many years experience in these areas across different countries I can work with you to deliver the programme required.

Providing sales, marketing and training services within the European food, drink and agri-products industry. Advising a range of clients on market introduction and evaluation, product and corporate positioning, to maximise business opportunities.

Client spread also includes development of sustainable agenda and market for companies focussing on this growing area both for food and non food products.

What People Say


I worked with Denbigh Lloyd over 20 years ago. We have kept in touch since. He is one of the most professional marketers I have met – and I have met many; some who were very good and many more who were complete con artists and cost their employers dearly. Denbigh stands out. His experience of the commercial world, insight and problem solving abilities are unparalleled in my experience. His character and highly developed interpersonal skills make him very easy to work with.

Harper Adams University

Denbigh has an inter-cultural approach for multinational companies. He has a good feeling for combining the critical need to motivate staff with respecting sensitive company information. Denbigh made a great job during the transition period, before and after the take over of the company. Very helpful to the HR department in the integration project being able to balance the different levels of understanding between the staff of the two companies.

Paul Wurth

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