Strategy & Branding

Product viability in international markets, exploit synergistic opportunities, product positioning, market research and risk assessment.

Achieving success in international markets requires a dedicated approach across the marketing spectrum. Developing an effective strategy for your products, growing and building brand identity is one of the real keys to this. We work with you to review existing strengths and assess synergistic opportunities that can be exploited. We research potential markets for existing and related new product developments and carry out risk assessment studies within this. Product positioning and repositioning are often critical to success and need careful analysis. We bring many years of successful international operation across the food ingredients and agri-product sectors to enable you to plan future growth. Increasingly the perception of a product and brand becomes the central deciding factor in purchase decisions and ensuring the real brand value is fully invested in your business is vital.

In Business to Business markets the strategic value of the brand is often overlooked or undervalued, which can seriously limit growth. Branding often associated with major consumer brands brings significant benefit and growth in other sectors. For everyone a brand means recognition but above all trust, in Business to Business that trust is part of customer relationships that have developed over time and detailed analysis of this reveals the basis of that trust. This route means that the product quality, reliability, service support and other features that form the key part of the buying decision can be built into a meaningful brand, both supporting existing business and driving growth into new markets by differentiating from competitive offerings. Exploring the existing strengths inside an organisation and its people can often reveal qualities that are accepted as the norm in yet in reality are fundamental to customer loyalty. brand management and the ability to stand back from day to day business and analyse the drivers of customer perception brings significant advantage.

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